A vital HZ

HZ wants to incorporate the sustainable employability of its employees by creating a working environment that is pleasant, safe and vital with room for further development. Huub Tak, manager of HZ Sport and lecturer, explains.

Vitality week
"We tackle vitality and health with, among other things, the HZ Vitality week that we have already organized four times. The goal of this week is to show that HZ contributes to a vital and healthy working environment. Our primary goal is to make people aware. Employees can choose from a diversity of programmes, such as health checks, various workshops, also to opportunity to have a chair massage and teams can sign up for healthy lunches.

HZ’s own sports centre
The lifestyle factor movement is very important to us. This has resulted in the opening of the HZ Vitality Center, HZ’s own sports centre opposite the Edisonweg building. We now have more than 100 participating employees. Students of Sports Science, who are doing their internship, run 80% of the centre. They provide full nutritional advice and guidance. We also organize various exercise programmes in which more than 30 colleagues take part every week, for example they can opt for yoga during the lunch break.

People bloom
To start moving can be something of a victory for many colleagues on both a mental and a physical level. Under guidance, you see everyone blooming in their own way. People change their behaviour in terms of nutrition and exercise. Vitality therefore remains high on our agenda."