Welcome to The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a country well known for things such as windmills and wooden shoes. But there is so much more to Europe’s most densely populated country than just cheese and bikes.

Strong and Resilient
The Dutch history is steeped in the maritime world. The Dutch conquered land from the sea and made it their own. Struggling for centuries against the sea and its elements has made the Dutch experts in water management and strong as a community. Being a nation of merchants and traders, the Dutch have always looked beyond their own borders and the result is a stong economy ranked fifth most competitive in the world and the third in Europe.

The Netherlands is a small yet diverse country. The Dutch culture is warm and welcoming to foreign influences. It is open-minded and tolerant of differences. People are friendly and most can speak other languages in addition to their native Dutch language.  In fact, most Dutch people love speaking English and appreciate all opportunities to practise their English!

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