Dutch higher educational system

The Netherlands is known for its high quality of higher education. HZ is a University of Applied Sciences (HBO). The Netherlands has two main types of regular, higher education:

University of Applied Sciences (HBO)

Higher vocational education, or in Dutch, ‘Hoger Beroeps Onderwijs’ (HBO), provides students with theoretical education alongside practical, professional qualifications required for high-level occupations. In addition to lectures, seminars and projects, students are required to complete a work placement and a research project for their final dissertation.

Universities (WO)

Academic education, or in Dutch, Wetenshappelijk Onderwijs (WO), is a purely research University, oriented to theoretical study and scientific research.

Credits system
As like other universities, the HZ works with a credit system. In order to obtain a Bachelor’s degree, you must earn a total of 240 EC credits. According to Dutch law, 1 EC credit represents 28 hours of study. 60 credits represent one year of full-time study. If you wish to major in a specific field of study, you must obtain 120 EC in this area, including the work placement.

Professional practice
Theoretical knowledge transfer in a practice-based  environment is the most important goal of our type of university. For this reason HZ works in close cooperation with many national and international companies and institutes. The practical application of career-oriented assignments is what distinguishes a HZ undergraduate degree from one at a research university. You constantly apply your theoretical knowledge directly in the actual practice.

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