How to prepare for your arrival in The Netherlands

You are about to leave for the Netherlands to study at HZ. This will surely be one of the most exciting and life changing experiences of your life! To assist in your preparations we give you some important practical information.

Practical information

Read carefully what you need to arrange when you decide to study in The Netherlands.

Visa for non-EU students

Whether or not you will need a visa depends on your nationality. All non-European students need to apply for a visa. Note: if you hold the nationality of one of the following countries - Switzerland, USA, Canada, Australia, New-Zealand, South-Korea or Japan- you do not need a visa. Also as a European student you do not need to apply for a visa. 

When you do need a visa, the HZ student office will apply for these documents on your behalf after having completed the application process. Students receive a residence permit for the entire period of their studies (with a maximum of 5 years).


Everyone in the Netherlands must have an insurance for medical expenses. As a foreign student you will need to take out a healthcare insurance and we strongly advise to take out a third-party liability insurance. Also make sure you have a travel insurance.

As a EU-student, you are not required to take out a Dutch public healthcare insurance if you are already insured in your home country. Your insurance company can provide you with the European Health Insurance Card. Before you leave, we would advise you to check with your insurance company whether everything is covered for your study abroad. Note that as soon as you have a part-time job next to your studies or do a paid internship, you have to take out a Dutch public healthcare insurance.

Non-EU student
Non-EU students without a paid internship or job are covered with a private healthcare insurance. Note that as soon as you have a part-time job next to your studies or do a paid internship, you have to take out a Dutch public healthcare insurance.

Possible insurance companies
There are three insurance companies in The Netherlands specialised in insurances for foreign students.

Dutch bank account

If you will be living in the Netherlands it might be convenient to open a Dutch bank account. HZ has a collaboration with ING.  Students from these (SEPA) countries can use their current bank account(s) in the Netherlands. 

The following students can open a ING Student Account:

  • Non-EU students 
  • Students from these (SEPA) countries who are an HZ student longer than 1 year
  • The minimum age to open a bank account is 18 years

Steps to open ING Student Account
1. Book an appointment
2. Make sure you bring the following documents to the appointment:

  • Passport/ID
  • BSN Number (citizen service number which you will receive from the townhall after registering in the municipality) In case you don't have a BSN number yet you need to bring your housing contract and a proof of enrolment at HZ.

ING Student Insurance
When you open an ING Student Account we strongly recommend you to include the ING Student Insurance (Costs are € 3,12 per month); This insurance package includes 3 insurances; 

  • Liability Insurance 
  • Household Insurance 
  • Accident Insurance
Registration with town hall

All foreign students staying in the Netherlands for a period longer than four months have to register with the municipal register (gemeentelijke basisadministratie) of the Dutch town where they are living. 

Year plan

Our year planning is a general planning. The year plan for some programs may slightly differ from this planning. We therefore strongly advise you to always check the year planning with your course coordinator, when you decided to choose for HZ, at your arrival. 

Click here for the Year Schedule 2017-2018
Click here for the Year Schedule 2018-2019

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