Pre Departure evening 2020

Each year the HZ International Office organizes the Pre-Departure evening. Students who will go abroad are invited as are their parents. The goal of the evening is to prepare the students as well as possible, for their time abroad. The information that we normally offer face-to-face at HZ, is now published on this website. During the Pre-Departure evening we will organize Q & A sessions.

Q & A sessions - 30 June as from 19.00 through Microsoft Teams (MT).
During the Pre-Departure evening on 30 June we will organize Q & A sessions. You and your parents (after you've informed us their email address) will be automatically invited through MT. Below you find the presentations. Please have a look at them already and prepare your questions. You can fill in your questions in the online registration form (link sent to you by email).

  • 18.30-19.00: for foreign students, study abroad and grants, by Johannetta van Wanrooij and Astrid Umbgrove (you can also ask Astrid your questions on internships)
  • 19.00-19.05: word of welcome by Mr. Bert Schollema, Director International Strategies.
  • 19.00-19.30: for Dutch students and their parents:  study abroad and grants, by Johannetta van Wanrooij and Astrid Umbgrove
  • 19.30-20.00: insurances. By Arti Pancham of AON Insurances.
  • 20.00-21.30 (flexible): ask questions to students who already studied at the partner institute where you will go next semester.

For students who will study abroad next semester (fall 2020).
The online Pre-Departure session in June is especially organized for the students who will study abroad next semester. At a later stage we will organize a similar event for students who will study abroad in the spring semester of 2021. 

A good preparation is important! Especially now.

This semester many students had to return home from their study or internship abroad due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Mostly they returned with reluctance and had to leave in a rush. There were many questions to answer and problems to solve. We learned a lot from this and with this newly gained knowledge we hope to prepare you as well as possible for your stay abroad during 'corona-time'. The (mostly) online classes or blended education (face-to-face + online) and the rules and restrictions will make it a different but interesting experience for you, also socially. 

​ Why are parents invited as well?

We can imagine that your parents will want to know if you have prepared everything for your study abroad. We hope that after reading and listening to the information on this page, and by getting answers to questions during the Q & A sessions on 30 June, parents will be confident about your new study abroad adventure.

The presentations on the Study Abroad minor and grants

Below you find the video presentations of the HZ International Office including the explanation per slide. 

Presentation Study Abroad minor 
Presentation grants and internships abroad

The same presentations without spoken text.
Presentation Study Abroad minor
Presentation grants and internships abroad

Information on insurances

Of course you choose the insurance that fits best with your stay abroad. In the information map that we will send to you by normal mail, you will find folders of several insurance companies that offer special packages to students who will study or do an internship abroad. Ms. Arti Pancham of AON Insurances will answer your questions regarding insurances during the Pre-Departure evening.

Below you find her presentation based on which you can prepare your questions. 
Presentation AON Insurances

Information on safety

HZ's partner in safety is International Security Partners (ISP). ISP offers 24/7 support to HZ students in case of emergency: +(31)-(0)320-331343. They also wrote a special guide for HZ-students on safety during a stay abroad

Below you find the video presentations of the ISP including the explanation per slide. 
Presentation ISP on safety 

Thank you for reading the above guide and presentation. You can write your questions on safety in the online registration form (you receivd the link through email). We, the HZ International Office will gather all the questions and will publish these including the answers, on this page at a later stage (by the end of June). 

What are the corona-rules per country?

On the Dutch website Nederlandwereldwijd you will find the rules and regulations regarding COVID-19 per country. Click on a country name, choose 'reisadvies' (travel advice) and then you will see the option 'Coronavirus' with links to the relevant English websites  informing about corona-rules. Of course the partner institute will also inform about the rules in their country. 

COVID-19. What if?

Of course we hope that you will complete your entire study abroad semester. But what to do in case there is a new corona outbreak and you are forced to return home? 

  • Contact the international office of the partner institute and read the information they may send you, and inform them on your whereabouts. 
  • Contact the HZ International Office should you need advice. 
  • Inform us about your plans / decisions: also we have to know about your whereabouts and need to know that you are safe.
  • Follow the instructions of the local authorities. 
  • Follow the travel advice of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (+31 247 247 247). 
  • Read the information on the HZ website regarding COVID-19 including the FAQ’s.

Continue following the online courses offered by the partner institute, according your Learning Agreement even if you return to the Netherlands or your home country.

Elise about her study and internship abroad

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