Tuition fees

What are the costs for studying at HZ? You can find more information below for EU students, Non-EU students and exchange students.

Tuition fees
The amount that you will be required to pay depends on your nationality and the programme you have applied for.


The tuition fee for EU-students in 2016-2017 is €1,984. The tuition fee for EU-students in 2017-2018 is €2,006.

Non-EU students

Tuition fees for non-EU students for the coming academic years are:

Institutional tuition fees

Exchange students

Students who apply as Exchange or Erasmus students in the frame of an exchange agreement between HZ and a partner university do not have to pay tuition fees. 

Payment information
Find all the information you need on the payment of tuition fees, digital authorisation and cancellation.


As an EU-student you have two options for the payment of tuition:

  1. Direct debit payment of the full tuition amount at the beginning of the academic year
    If you choose this option, the full tuition fee is debited from the specified bank account in one payment. The payment will be made around September.
  2. Direct debit payment in ten instalments
    You can choose to pay your tuition fees in ten instalments. Each month a part of the tuition fee will be collected from the specified bank account. The first instalment includes €20,-- of administration costs.

Digital authorisation
If you have an European IBAN bank account in the SEPA-area, you can pay your tuition fees by digital authorisation from your own personal bank account. Take note: do not fill in bank details of someone else (for example your parents).

Take the following steps for digital authorisation: 

  • The digital authorisation have to be done in Studielink (as from June)
  • Sign in with your username and password
  • Go to 'My to do list' and click 'enter your payment details' 

Default procedure
Please take note of the payment default procedure.

Extra costs
While living in the Netherlands you are required to have a health insurance policy. As a foreign student you must sign up for a health insurance and a liability insurance plan.

If you are an EU-student, but you  are unable to pay by digital authorisation as you do not have a European IBAN bank account in the SEPA area, please send an e-mail to inform us on your situation

Non-EU students

Payment tuition fees
In addition to tuition, non-EU students should be aware of additional administration and living costs. Non-EU students will receive an invoice from HZ in June. The invoice will include the required amount for 'living expenses'. Once you have arrived in the Netherlands and have opened a Dutch bank account HZ will transfer this amount back to you (if necessary, the cost of accommodation will be deducted if you choose this option and rented a room with housing corporation APV or l’escaut).

Costs of living
Costs of living/year: a proof of sufficient means is required by the Dutch immigration services. The monthly amount that you should have is €870,-. For one academic year, this means an (annual) total of approximately € 10,500. However, at each re-enrolment (a student is enrolled for one academic year – from September till August) you may be asked again to provide proof of sufficient funds for the next period of stay.

Extra costs
While living in the Netherlands you are required to have a health insurance policy. As a foreign student you must sign up for a health insurance and a liability insurance plan.

Financial support

To finance your study, you may be eligible for a student loan, for student funding or for postgraduate funding in the Netherlands. To determine if you qualify for financial support to fund your study abroad, you can check the financial aid.

Students who have to cancel their registration will be refunded the total tuition fee amount (and, if applicable, total living expenses) if we are informed before September 1st by e-mail.

The Dutch Education System explained: studying abroad.
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