HZ Sport

Sports, health and sports experience. HZ Sport has member activities for weekly sports. In addition, monthly activities to attend cool sports tournaments. Last but not least we organize trips such as the HZ Ski-trip, HZ Soccer-trip and the HZ Cycling-trip.

You can view the current program of HZ Sport by logging into the webshop as a student.

Member activities Get to know fellow students, exercise with them, play friendly matches against other schools and try another sport! For €49.95 per year or €29.95 per semester you can participate unlimited in: Swimming, Yoga, Futsal, Volleyball, Basketball, American Football, Bootcamp.

Per visit to a member activity you get 0,05ECTS. When visiting 25 member activities you will get 1,25ECTS. Attention! Register yourself or have yourself registered for each activity you visit. You must visit at least 25 activities before June 1 to get your HZ Personality point.

Go to our webshop to get your HZ Sports card!

HZ Personality In addition to participating in our programme you can earn 2.5ECTS by helping us with:

- Organizing events and trips (Organization of the HZ Ski-trip or a tournament) - Graphic design of our expressions - Manage our Instagram and/or Facebook - Give Basketball Training/Volleyball Training - Organize the indoor soccer competition

Would you like to have more information about our programme or are you interested in one of the functions above? Please contact us via whatsapp/phone 0630664333 or via mail k.van.iersel@hz.nl.