Tjeerd Bouma

Building with Nature professor


Tjeerd Bouma studied biology at Utrecht University and subsequently completed his PhD research at Wageningen University and DLO. After 2.5 years of post-doctoral research at the Pennsylvania State University (USA), he started working on coastal ecosystems at the Dutch Institute for Ecology (NIOO-CEME), which later became part of the Dutch Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ). Tjeerd was appointed as an Extraordinary Professor for Biogeomorphological Dynamics and Ecosystem Services of Coastal Areas at Groningen University. As a HZ professor, he will be working on the implementation of Building with Nature solutions, ecosystem services, preventing sand hunger and ecosystem restoration, in synergy with his research at the NIOZ and RUG.


​Added value with mussels

What are the possibilities to create littoral mussel beds in the Eastern Scheldt?

Building with Nature