Tim van Oijen

Building with Nature researcher

E: tim.van.oijen@hz.nl
P: +31 (0)118 - 489 461

Tim van Oijen has a PhD in marine ecology. His research is focussed on improving the natural value of dikes, from embankments to foreshore. He also teaches as part of the HZ Water Management course.

Tim studied marine biology and journalism at Groningen University. He completed his PhD research here into iron deficiency in Antarctic marine algae in 2004. Tim has worked at HZ as a teacher researcher since September 2014. His research is focussed on improving the ecological value of dikes, partly through the designing and testing of new types of dike revetments. Tim also teaches Aquatic Ecology within the Water Management course and shares his expertise in lessons within various other courses. Tim is also a freelance journalist, in addition to his job at HZ, and writes popular scientific articles about the Wadden area for the Wadden Society and the Wadden Academy.


​Building for Nature

Innovate the design process and the construction of dykes and foreshores by building for nature.

Building with Nature