Thierry Verduin

Associate Professor Supply Chain Innovation


Dr. Thierry Verduijn is the Supply Chain Innovation Associate Professor at HZ University of Applied Sciences. Thierry likes to work on logistical issues, in which he unites the interests of different stakeholders (both private and public parties). In these processes, Thierry combines his substantive knowledge with his experience in mobilising, stimulating and guiding companies to achieve their innovation and change targets. He also focuses on the impact of new technology (including blockchain, Internet of Things, autonomous transport) on logistics systems, chains and networks.

Thierry studied transport economics and business econometrics and holds a PhD in supply chain management from the Erasmus School of Management. He worked at TNO for 10 years on applied research for companies and on policy advice for regional governments, the central government and the European Commission. After 2007 he worked for 10 years as an independent consultant in various government programmes aimed at increasing innovation and sustainability and reducing traffic movements in the logistics industry. From 2015, Thierry has shifted his focus to practice-oriented research and knowledge development. Thierry is also a Mainport Logistics senior researcher and senior lecturer in logistics at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. His areas of expertise are container logistics, temperature-sensitive supply chains (flowers, vegetables, pharmaceuticals), air freight, intelligent transport systems and trade compliance & border management.



5G-Blueprint envisions to design and validate a technical architecture and a business and governance model for uninterrupted cross-border teleoperated transport based on 5G connectivity.

Supply Chain Innovation


CATALYST envisions to have an adaptive, seamless, connected and sustainable logistics system in the future.

Supply Chain Innovation