Sybren Slimmen

Healthy Region researcher


Sybren Slimmen is teacher researcher for the professorship Healthy Region. He is teaching within the minor “Professional in the Healthy Region” (Nursing) and “Applied Research” within the educational program of Tourism Management. Apart from teaching, Sybren is also researcher within various projects related to health. For example projects as TICC (Transforming Integrated Care in the Community), Health in Zeeland, Green and Health, Green schoolyards in Zeeland and Sam the Waterman. Within these projects he takes students into the working field to offer them practical experience and a chance to develop themselves. Sybren himself has a degree in Sports and is currently working on his master study “Health Eductation and Promotion” at the University of Maastricht. He has passion for sports and worked as a (medical) fitness instructor for a couple of years.