Olaf Timmermans

Healthy Region professor

E: olaf.timmermans@hz.nl
P: +31 (0)118 - 489 347

Prof Dr Olaf Timmermans achieved the nursing title at the Zeeland Institute for Health Care Education. Olaf subsequently fulfilled a variety of different positions at the predecessor to the current ADRZ and Emergis. He also achieved the Nursing Specialist (Utrecht, 1994) and Master of Science in Nursing (Cardiff, 2001) titles.

Olaf transferred across to HZ University of Applied Sciences as a nursing teacher in 2002 and has been affiliated with the professional Nursing and Midwifery groups at Antwerp University’s Medicine and Health Sciences faculty since 2004. Olaf completed his PhD research into innovation in health care at Antwerp University in 2012. In addition to his activities at HZ University of Applied Sciences, Olaf is also connected to the Medicine and Health Care Sciences faculty at Antwerp University as a professor and is a member of the ADRZ Supervisory Board.