Mathilde Matthijsse

Healthy Region researcher

P: +31 (0)118 - 489 979

Dr Mathilde Matthijsse is an employee within the Healthy Region Lectorate at HZ University of Applied Sciences. She is actively involved with three projects as a teacher and researcher, namely ‘Our Vrouwenpolder’ in collaboration with the Municipality of Veere and the Vrouwenpolder Village Council; ‘Zeeland Elements’ in collaboration with the GGD Zeeland and ‘Healthy Opportunities in the district’ in collaboration with the Municipality of Goes. She achieved her Master in Anthropology at Nijmegen University in 2003 and achieved her doctorate in Anthropology at Durham University in the UK after completing her PhD into the role division between men and women in the family and community in North Canada. She is an active sportswoman and is interested in wellbeing, healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle.