Lukas Papenborg

Resilient Deltas researcher

P: +31(0)6 16 43 98 31

Lucas Papenborg graduated as an urban design specialist at TU Delft. In addition to his activities as a project employee, he also completed his Technology for Integrated Water Manager Post-Master at Antwerp University. He has focussed on spatial issues in delta areas during his studies, with special attention devoted to the integration of water management and delta issues in worldwide urbanisation processes. 

He has researched the role of spatial planning for resilient deltas within the research group. Lukas is currently working on the ‘Waterpoort’ and ‘Robust Water Systems’ projects (in collaboration with the Water Technology Research Group).


Sustainable and Resilient Coastal Cities

Resilient Deltas

FRAMES: developing Multi-Layered Safety in the North Sea Region

Adaptive capacity is needed when developing multi-layer safety; lessons learnt from a learning evaluation of pilot projects in the North Sea region

Resilient Deltas


​A study of the users of Lake Volkerak-Zoom: how are they using the fresh water?

Resilient Deltas