Kelly Beekman

Professor Excellence in Education


Kelly Meusen is the professor for Excellence in Education within the corporation of HZ and Roosevelt Centre for Excellence in Education (RCEE).

In the past years, Kelly gained experience in all sorts of roles and functions within various types of education. After obtaining her pre-university examination she trained as a primary school teacher and subsequently studied education sciences at the Open University. For 10 years, she worked in primary education as a teacher and later as a quality coordinator, after which she continued her career in education at the teacher training college of Avans University of Applied Sciences. Here she worked as a higher education lecturer and researcher. Within the “Pabo Kenniscentrum” she was also closely involved in various projects, such as the “academische opleidingsschool” and the project “Versterking samenwerking lerarenopleiding en werkveld (Scholen voor de toekomst)”.

In 2015 she obtained her doctorate at the Open University with a research into the effects of formative tests on self-regulation and motivation of primary school pupils. The main question of the research was how employing formative tests contributes to improving learning skills. Formative testing aims at informing the teacher and pupils on the degree in which the learning material is mastered. They supply information on the learning process and the way, in which this can be steered. It is opposit4 to summative testing, where the pupil is assessed on the final result.

Within the associate professorship, Kelly concentrates on the research into learning needs of pupils and how to act upon this. Issues such as the development of self-regulation are dealt with, as well as the impact of formative instruction strategies and evaluation strategies. Next to that, based on the expertise of members of the knowledge circle and RCEE researchers an important contribution is made to such themes as mindset, motivation, feedback and student-centred learning.