Jouke Heringa

Aquaculture in Delta Areas senior researcher


Jouke Heringa has been working in the Water Management - Aquatic Ecotechnology department since 1995. His main activities involve providing project employees and researchers with advice, maintaining the external network of applied aquaculture research and connecting initiatives in the Southwest Delta region.

Expertise: land-based and near shore aquaculture, Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture, water quality, aquatic ecology, modelling.

‘There are opportunities for increasing production in salt water within the region and it’s a challenge to be part of the transition towards controlled production and to contribute to sustainable innovation in this evolving aquaculture sector’.


Coastal laboratory

Recommendations for aquaculture in Waterdunen: primarily the growing of sea crops and shellfish.

Aquaculture in Delta Areas

AquaVLAN 2

Practical research to create technical innovations in the aquaculture sector.

Aquaculture in Delta Areas

Saline production

Optimization of the cultivation of clams, oysters, cockles and new species of shellfish outside dikes.

Aquaculture in Delta Areas