Jildou Schotanus

Building with Nature PhD student

E: jildou.schotanus@hz.nl

Jildou Schotanus, MSc. has a bachelor diploma in Marine Biology and a Master in Evolution and Ecology at Groningen University. She has lived in Zeeland since January 2016 and has started her PhD. She works at the HZ for three days a week and at the NIOZ for two days. Her research is focussed on improving the construction of mussel beds in order to prevent the sand hunger in the Oosterschelde, to increase the natural value and to create new production areas for mussel fishermen. She is also a volunteer at the Wadden Sea Society, where she organises tours for people around the Wadden.


​Added value with mussels

What are the possibilities to create littoral mussel beds in the Eastern Scheldt?

Building with Nature