Jean-Marie Buijs

Resilient Deltas researcher


Jean-Marie Buijs has been a teacher researcher for the Resilient Deltas research group since September 2013. He teaches Delta Management and applied research. He is actively involved with the Resilient Deltas project. Jean-Marie is mainly focussed on the relationship between governance and the resilience of delta communities. He applied insights from his PhD research in public administration in the research, which is he currently finishing off at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Jean-Marie hasn’t just contributed governance knowledge to the Resilient Deltas research project, but also expertise of his active involvement in the quality of life in local communities.

Jean-Marie is also the Resilient Deltas research group coordinator. 


Professionals and self-reliant citizens

Knowledge and skills regarding the co-direction of safety

Centre of Expertise Delta Technology


​A study of the users of Lake Volkerak-Zoom: how are they using the fresh water?

Resilient Deltas

Resilient Deltas

Study of the resilience of communities in the delta region in Zeeland

Resilient Deltas

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