Jasper van Houcke

Aquaculture in Delta Areas senior researcher and coordinator

E: j.van.houcke@hz.nl
P: +31 (0)118 - 489 470

Jasper van Houcke MSc is a senior researcher and coordinator within the Aquaculture in Delta Areas research group. He mainly focuses on land-based aquaculture, varying from organisms like algae, shellfish, clam and fish. He is also a part-time PhD student at Wageningen University. The working title of his PhD research is: The role of feed (ingredients) in the development of flavours in oysters (Crassostrea gigas) cultured in land based systems.

Expertise: Aquaculture, shellfish culture, seafood research, consumer research, Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture, Feed and live feed, production systems, recirculation systems.


AquaVLAN 2

Practical research to create technical innovations in the aquaculture sector.

Aquaculture in Delta Areas

Robust Algal Growth for Aquaculture

Realising commercially feasible and stable cultivation of algae.

Aquaculture in Delta Areas