Jacob van Berkel

Delta Power professor

E: berk0018@hz.nl
P: +31 6 228 70 615

The driving force behind the research group Delta Power is associate professor dr. ir. ing. Jacob van Berkel. He is absolutely passionate about sustainable energy. Next to his post as professor, Jacob has his own company, Entry Technology, which focuses on sustainable energy. On the one side, he advises governmental bodies, research institutes and manufacturers on sustainable energy technologies: tidal energy and waterpower, solar energy, heat pumps, energy storage and thermodynamics. On the other side, he develops, produces and markets solar energy systems. Next to entrepreneur and scientist, Jacob is also an inventor. He has 11 patented inventions in the fields of solar energy, energy storage and waterpower on his name. For example, he designed a small hydraulic turbine, which has been manufactured approximately three million times already. In his hometown of Rhenen he is jokingly called ‘Gyro Gearloose’.


Ports Energy and Carbon Savings (PECS)

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Delta Power