Ingrid Snijders

Researcher Excellence in Education


Ingrid studied management sciences. She has over 17 years of experience in education among others in the role of: quality care employee, coordinator study career coaching, lecturer research skills and (service) marketing, graduation supervisor and lecturer-researcher.

Why research into Excellence in Education in primary education interests me?
In my role as a lecturer I like to understand how students and pupils experience their education. Not only do I think it is important that they enjoy their education/study, but also how they can get the best out of themselves and thus be successful. I started my doctoral research “Duurzame relaties in het Hoger Onderwijs” (Enduring relationships in Higher Professional Education) in February 2015. The research focuses on the way in which universities of applied sciences deal with and are targeted to today’s student. So it meets the trends and actual current issues in higher education, such as dropouts and those that fall behind with their studies. Similar to the customer-focus in business, the importance of student-focus and entering (long-term) relationships is increasingly acknowledged by higher education institutes. This research therefore studies the quality of the relationship between students and their bachelor programme (this is relationship quality) and the effect there of on student engagement (study experience), student loyalty and study success.

This is done by means of four sub studies that are part of the ultimate thesis:
1. which aspects form the relationship quality that students perceive;
2. which effects does this relationship quality have on student engagement, student loyalty and study success;
3. how do these variables relate during the course of the study;
4. (how) does relationship quality have a(n) (in)direct effect on alumni loyalty? For more information about this research go to

Research interests:  Education, Student/faculty interactions, Relationship Quality, Student     Engagement, Student Loyalty, Alumni Loyalty, Study success. SEM, CIT.