Eva Hartog

Aquaculture in Delta Areas researcher

E: e.hartog@hz.nl
P: +31 (0)118 - 499 672

Eva Hartog B Eng achieved her Bachelor of Water Management in 2006. She started working at IMARES Yerseke, after working at the NIOO in Yerseke as a Macrobenthos research assistant for 3 years. She was mainly involved in fish and shellfish field work and maintained contact within the running projects with the mussel and shrimp farmers. 

She joined the research group ‘Aquaculture in Delta Areas’ since August 2013. Here she is involved within near shore aquaculture projects within the shellfish cultivation. She uses the knowledge she has acquired in her formal job and the field and maintains contact with the farmers. She hopes to be able to enthuse HZ students about aquaculture, as she feels ‘practical and applied research in aquaculture subjects are incredibly challenging and interesting!


Production factors mussel farming Eastern Scheldt

Applied research about the cultivation of mussels in the Eastern Scheldt

Aquaculture in Delta Areas

Saline production

Optimization of the cultivation of clams, oysters, cockles and new species of shellfish outside dikes.

Aquaculture in Delta Areas