Emma McAteer

Water Technology researcher

E: emma.mcateer@hz.nl
P: +31 118 - 489 857

Emma McAteer MSc is a lecturer and researcher for the research group Water Technology. Emma graduated in 2010 from Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland, with a masters in Environmental Engineering and worked in the wastewater treatment industry in Northern Ireland for two years before she moved to the Netherlands.

Emma works on different research projects for the Water Technology group such as the NEREUS and FRESH4Cs, the last of which concerns creating alternative freshwater supply in coastal areas for agriculture, industry and other water users. 
Apart from her research, Emma also teaches in the Water Management bachelor program. Emma teaches Chemistry to the first year students and the subjects Ecological Water Quality and Water Pollution and Treatment in the second year. To the fourth year graduating students she teaches  Advanced Water Technology.



FRESH4Cs; alternative fresh water resources for saline coastal areas.

Customer Insight & Value Creation


Water Technology

GO-Fresh II

Research about storage of freshwater during wet periods and use of it in dry periods in delta areas.

Water Technology