Bahman Madadi

Docent-onderzoeker Supply Chain Innovation


Dr. Bahman Madadi is a lecturer and researcher at Supply Chain Innovation group of HZ University of Applied Sciences. He obtained his PhD degree from Transport & Planning department of Delft University of Technology. His bachelor and master degrees are in Industrial and Systems Engineering.

His main research areas are automated and sustainable transport and logistics. His work concerns dealing with strategic, tactical and operational challenges of deploying emerging technologies in transportation and logistics systems.

He teaches courses in the ‘Becoming fit for the future’ minor program within the Supply Chain Innovation group of Logistics Engineering.



5G-Blueprint envisions to design and validate a technical architecture and a business and governance model for uninterrupted cross-border teleoperated transport based on 5G connectivity.

Supply Chain Innovation


CATALYST envisions to have an adaptive, seamless, connected and sustainable logistics system in the future.

Supply Chain Innovation