Anneke van den Brink

Building with Nature researcher


Anneke van den Brink, PhD is a marine biologist and ecologist specializing in biodiversity, invasive species and benthic invertebrates. After completing her Bachelor’s degree in Zoology and Master’s degree in marine biolody at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, Anneke worked in biodiversity and biosecurity at NIWA (National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research). In 2009 she moved to the Netherlands to work at IMARES as a researcher focusing on invasive species, shellfish aquaculture, biodiversity and impact analysis of dyke reinforcement on the ecosystem. While at IMARES Anneke also completed her PhD through Wageningen University.

Anneke came to the HZ in 2013 and works as an ecologist in the research group Building with Nature, and as head of Biology in the Academy.



Effectiveness of local sand nourishment for safety and ecosystem preservation

Building with Nature

​Building for Nature

Innovate the design process and the construction of dykes and foreshores by building for nature.

Building with Nature