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Saline production

In the four-year project Zilte Productie [Saline Production], research group Aquaculture in Delta Areas conducts, in collaboration with IMARES, innovative shellfishfarmers and companies from the Southwest Delta, look into the optimization of the cultivation of oysters, cockles and new species of shellfish such as Manila clam and Venus clam  using near shore aquaculture practices. The knowledge that is obtained from the practical research allows the shellfish entrepreneurs to innovate. New species of shellfish and new production methods can increase their market share. 

Innovation in aquaculture
This project focuses on the influence of local cultivation conditions, such as food supply and cultivation measures such as sowing density and exposure to air (intertidal area) , on the off bottom’ production (in a water column) and ‘in-bottom and on-bottom’ production (in or on the bottom) on shellfish production. Experiments take place in the Eastern Scheldt, Lake Veere and other saltwater lakes in the Southwest Delta. The food conditions, survival rate, growth and quality of shellfish at the production location are measured during the study.

The parties aim to achieve the following with this project

  • A Decision Support System for growers to predict productivity on their plot and to gain insight into the effect of cultivation measures on productivity
  • Courses & master classes
  • Case studies of the shellfish cultivation in courses at universities of applied sciences
  • A web tool in which project results are made available
  • A handbook with protocols that helps growers to optimize their production strategy

Research group Aquaculture in Delta Areas coordinates this project. The project is in part made possible by SIA. The project runs until 1 September 2017. Jouke Heringa is the contact person.