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Zero Emission Transport

The climate goals agreed on in the Paris agreement 2015 are coming closer, also for the sector mobility. In Zeeland a reduction of 49% CO2 emissions should be reached by 2030. Logistic companies should start acting now as the depreciation period of a truck is seven years, which means a replacement of a part of their fleet in 2023.

This is a complex and expensive task as technology, government policy and market for zero emission solutions is continuously evolving. Next to well-developed zero-emission transport solutions, we need process innovations in logistical processes to make the new vehicles fit in in the current logistical operations of companies.

Finally a public and/or private invested infrastructure is necessary to charge batteries or to refuel hydrogen.

The goal of the project is to tackle the issues concerning zero emission companies in Zeeland are faced with by developing an innovation community zero emission transport.

The project is financed by the European Union, Province of Zeeland and project partners.

With a financial contribution of

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