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Professionals and self-reliant citizens

This is the follow-up research study of ‘resilient deltas’ in which knowledge and skills are obtained regarding the co-direction of safety of citizens, the business sector and safety professionals.

The project 'Professionals and self-reliant citizens’ is the next step in the study of Resilient Deltas. In a changing environment, which includes new developments regarding (water) safety policy, decreasing public budgets and an increase of social initiatives, a question arises with regard to the co-direction of safety: how can the co-direction of safety be shaped in a sustainable manner in Zeeland while, at the same time, aligning it to the local dynamic of communities with the goal of attaining a Delta that is as resilient as possible?

The study will lead to new practical knowledge and skills about the co-direction of safety between citizens, the business sector and safety professionals: learning to identify and cope with self-reliance, challenging professionals and citizens to make well-founded decisions with regard to their own actions, developing a multiple learning environment and a sustainable embedding of the co-direction of safety with respect to local communities.


Jean-Marie Buijs Resilient Deltas researcher


Dit project is gebaseerd op een eerder onderzoek: De professional en de zelfredzame samenleving.