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Knowledge of seagrass on the DeltaExpertise site

Since the beginning of 2015, the research group Building with Nature has been involved in the recording of knowledge for The Department of Waterways and Public Works. This is done with the help of the knowledge management system Expertise Management Method. The Department of Waterways and Public Works has approached the HZ to find a solution for the knowledge loss in its organisation. There is a threat that crucial knowledge will get lost because employees are retiring and staff is reduced. The knowledge and expertise is documented on the DeltaExperise site; a so-called semantic wiki used by research groups of the HZ in order to manage the research results in a sustainable manner. The advantage of the DeltaExpertise site compared to ‘traditional’ sites, such as the Kennisplein [Knowledge Square] of The Department of Waterways and Public Works, is that the knowledge is put into context and can be linked to other knowledge.

Work on the knowledge of seagrass has been an ongoing process. You can read about the first results on the DeltaExpertise site (only available in Dutch):

• Ecology of seagrasses
• The condition of the seagrass in The Wadden Sea
• Experiments in the Wadden Sea to move and sow seagrass
• Experiences that project agency Zeeland has acquired when moving seagrass in the Eastern Scheldt

The Department of Waterways and Public Works Sea and Delta [Zee en Delta] commissioned the project.