Projects and publications

Here you find projects where researchers and students work on.


​Added value with mussels

What are the possibilities to create littoral mussel beds in the Eastern Scheldt?

Building with Nature

AquaVLAN 2

Practical research to create technical innovations in the aquaculture sector.

Aquaculture in Delta Areas

​Building for Nature

Innovate the design process and the construction of dykes and foreshores by building for nature.

Building with Nature

Coastal laboratory

Recommendations for aquaculture in Waterdunen: primarily the growing of sea crops and shellfish.

Aquaculture in Delta Areas

GO-Fresh II

Research about storage of freshwater during wet periods and use of it in dry periods in delta areas.

Water Technology


An applied research project about techniques to purify freshwater for the industrial sector.

Water Technology


Smart Living

Delta Power

Knowledge of seagrass on the DeltaExpertise site

Storing knowlegde online about seagrass

Building with Nature


Effectiveness of local sand nourishment for safety and ecosystem preservation

Centre of Expertise Delta Technology


Monitoring and research spatial planning Perkpolder

Centre of Expertise Delta Technology

Production factors mussel farming Eastern Scheldt

Applied research about the cultivation of mussels in the Eastern Scheldt

Centre of Expertise Delta Technology

Professionals and self-reliant citizens

Knowledge and skills regarding the co-direction of safety

Centre of Expertise Delta Technology


Using big data for knowledge and innovation in the tourism and leisure economy

Coastal Tourism Knowledge Centre


Monitoring how area Rammegors adapts itself after becoming a more saline water area.

Centre of Expertise Delta Technology

Red mosquito larvae

A feasibility study into the possibility to cultivate red mosquito larvae.

Aquaculture in Delta Areas

Resilient Deltas

Study of the resilience of communities in the delta region in Zeeland

Resilient Deltas

Robust Algal Growth for Aquaculture

Realising commercially feasible and stable cultivation of algae.

Aquaculture in Delta Areas

Robust water system

Research project in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen how to create a sustainable water system.

Water Technology


Bring back the ‘lost’ sand by means of a large sand suppletion.

Centre of Expertise Delta Technology

Saline production

Optimization of the cultivation of clams, oysters, cockles and new species of shellfish outside dikes.

Aquaculture in Delta Areas

Sole culture

Project in 'sole culture'

Aquaculture in Delta Areas


​A study of the users of Lake Volkerak-Zoom: how are they using the fresh water?

Resilient Deltas

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