While common in other countries, scholarships, especially full scholarships, are rare in the Dutch education system. However, there are some scholarship options available at the HZ.

Holland Scholarship for incoming students

The Holland Scholarship is financed by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and Dutch research universities and universities of applied sciences. The Holland Scholarship is for incoming students not originally from the EEA who have not previously studied in the Netherlands, and who plan to attend the HZ University of Applied Sciences in the framework of diploma mobility. The scholarship awarded is not a full scholarship. It has a value of € 5,000.00 and is allotted for one year only. 

Please note: Payments will take place by transferring four instalments of each € 1,250. If you drop out before 1 April 2020, the remaining instalments will not be transferred to you.

Conditions for allotment: 

  • The student is not from the European Economic Area (EEA). The EEA consists of the EU countries and Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway
  • The student has not previously studied in the Netherlands
  • The student has an IELTS of 6.5 (or higher) or an equivalent
  • The student wants to enrol in a fulltime (four-year or three-year) bachelor’s programme at HZ
  • The student has already been (conditionally) accepted to the HZ Bachelor’s programme indicated with his/her scholarship application. See: how to apply for a Bachelors' programme

How to apply for the Holland Scholarship  
Students can apply for the scholarship by sending an email to before 1 May of their starting year. In this email, the student should indicate reasons for choosing the particular HZ Bachelor programme of study. The student must also send a copy of his/her CV with the email. The applications will be assessed by a two-member HZ Scholarship Committee, nominated by the academy directors. The HZ Scholarship Committee will award the scholarship based on previous academic results, motivation for choosing programme of study and C.V. applicants will be notified of the decision within 6 weeks after the application deadline of 1 May. 

Mobility scholarships

When you are a student at HZ University of Applied Sciences and you are thinking of studying or doing research or an internship outside of the Netherlands during your studies, then you can apply for a scholarship. 

HZ Grant
HZ offers a HZ Grant for students who study or do an unpaid internship outside the EU. As far as we know, HZ is the only university of applied sciences in the Netherlands that subsidises its students with a grant.

Holland Scholarschip
This scholarship is meant for full-time HZ students who want to study, do research or an internship outside the European Economic Area (EEA). The EEA consists of the EU countries and Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. The Holland Scholarship is a scholarship made available by the Dutch Ministry of Education Culture and Science together with Dutch research universities and universities of applied sciences. The scholarship amounts to a one-off payment of € 1,250 and is meant as a contribution towards your study expenses. 

Erasmus+ grant
If you do part of your study at a HZ partner institute within the EU or an internship within the EU, you can apply for this grant. The Erasmus+  is a grant that the European Union has made available in order to stimulate students from its member states to gain experience abroad during their education; to enhance their languages, to become acquainted with other cultures, etc. The grant also serves as compensation in the travel and accommodation costs that a study/internship abroad will bring in its wake. Clearly, the Erasmus+ grant  will not cover all the costs that you will have abroad.

As soon as you are a student of HZ, we can help you apply for a grant.