Students Engineering make artwork

Students Engineering have made different artworks during their international project week last April. One of the artworks is now placed on the first floor of building L, next to the elevator. You can find the artwork here until the 2nd of June.

The artwork is made by national and international students, with litter waste found on the beach of Walcheren.

Img 6855

The renaissance of waste
This artwork is made by national and international students in the international project week of Engineering. During this week was the focus on litter waste (zwerfafval) and the big problems it causes.

"Did you know that the plastic soup in the ocean is guessed bigger than France, Portugal and Spain together. Birds are dying because they have eaten the plastic. Also is plastic eaten by plankton which are eaten by the fishes we eat. The litter waste isn’t only affecting animals but also our life’s, so lets wake up, join us and release the sea.

We did it by collecting trash of the beaches and making an artwork of it. The artwork is for 98% made from trash found on the beaches. This artwork also shows you that you can make beautiful useful things out of waste. The flowers are for instance made out of plastic bottles.”

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