Purple Friday: celebrate en show your support

On Friday 9 December, the HZ colours purple. During Purple Friday, we show that you can be who you are.

Why Purple Friday?

Every year, HZ student psychologists still speak to students who struggle with their sexual identity. And yet your student days are a time to discover your own gender identity and expression and your own sexuality. This can be very liberating, but of course it must be done in a safe environment.

What can I do?

During Purple Friday, various activities will be organised to draw attention to a diverse community. To show your support, put on something purple on Friday 9 December, pin on a button you can get at the entrance of the HZ in Vlissingen or Middelburg, or take part in the various activities organised. The day will be celebrated by handing out purple smoothies and a VRIJMIBO.

Lunch lecture with Fee

During this lunch lecture on Friday 9 December between 12.15 and 13.00 in the HZ Café, Fee will take you through her personal story, which focuses on breaking taboos and feeling free in who you want to be and how you want to be. Registration is possible until Wednesday, December 7.

Time: 12.15 - 13.00
Location: HZ Café

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Workshop Campfire talk

During the Campfire Conversation workshop 'What is it like to be you' on Friday 9 December, you will engage with each other and become aware of all perspectives. We gather collective wisdom on how and when you feel at home. Registration is possible until Thursday 8 December.

Time: 13.15 - 14.45
Location: HZ Café

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Celebrate purple during the VRIJMIBO Purple Café

End your study or work week with the VRIJMIBO at the HZ Café at the HZ in Vlissingen between 16.00 and 18.00. Celebrate Purple! Toast with us. Leave your mark and sign the Purple Manifesto in the HZ Café.

Sign the Manifesto

Colleges and universities are known as liberal and open communities. Yet far from every student or employee there feels free to be themselves. At the same time, we know that colleges and universities value the safety of students and staff. Therefore, we want to increase that safety for LGBT+ students and staff so that no one has to fear rejection or prejudice based on who they are or who they love.

Read the manifesto here >