Research into new Associate Degree Programme Food & Gastronomy

HZ is currently investigating the opportunities for an Associate Degree Programme in Food & Gastronomy. This two-year higher professional course will train professionals in hospitality, tourism and for food-producing and food-processing companies. The plan is to anticipate two important developments. Firstly, the major changes in this field: food must be increasingly healthier, more sustainable, locally grown and meet ever-higher requirements. Secondly, we respond to the large shortage of well-trained staff in this field.

Contents of the study programme
The AD programme Food & Gastronomy will be an international course, which can be followed in the three different variants: full-time, part-time and dual. Students are trained to become experts in the fields of nutrition, health and lifestyle and all related processes within the chain. They will become advisors in this field, who can lead a team and can manage a change process within an organization.

Research into interest
The business community has shown enthusiasm about our initiative. It is currently being investigated whether there will be sufficient interest in the programme. If the results are positive, the application for starting the study programme will be submitted before the summer break. A development team is currently designing a programme in close cooperation with entrepreneurs from the field.

September 2020
If the study programme is approved, we intend to start with it in September 2020. The AD programme will be presented for the first time at the Open Day in November 2019. Interested to know more? Send an e-mail to

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