Not only in the new HZ building in Middelburg large-scale renovations are taking place, also at the Edisonweg building in Vlissingen various changes will take place in the coming years. One of these innovations is the HZ Café (working title). HZ Café will become the new meeting place for HZ students and staff at the location of Lokaal 0 and the courtyard. The place will get a café-like vibe, where you will be able to relax and enjoy, such as taking part in a pub quiz after the lectures. The redesign will be accompanied by making the courtyard a lot greener, with many plants and new seats.

The artist impressions give you a good idea of what the space will look like. How exactly the place is going to be used will become clear in the coming weeks. Are you interested in sharing your own ideas about the design, or, for example, contribute to the activities that are going to be organised, or give ideas for a possible name for the Café? Then, send an e-mail to After you registered, we will contact you and schedule a meeting.

Planning of the activities
In the week before the spring break, Local 0 will be cleared. You will not be able to use this space then and the green benches in front of Lokaal 0 will be taken away. During the spring break, the walls will be knocked down, so that the noise does not disrupt classes. The room will then be furnished. The opening takes place in April.