Minor Innovative entrepreneurship for students

In the 1st and 2nd semester of 2019-2020, HZ University of Applied Sciences offers the minor Innovative Entrepreneurship. This is in collaboration with Dockwize, the innovation hub for entrepreneurship and innovation. This is an English-language minor, which consists of two blocks of 10 weeks (=15 ECTS each)

Programme minor (15 ECTS)
The Entrepreneurial Skills programme is a 10-week programme that focuses on developing entrepreneurial knowledge and skills. We train you to put entrepreneurship into practice and understand how you can find out what your customer wants. At the end of the first 10 weeks, you make a choice for one of the folllowing programmes.

Do you want to push on with your own business? Choose the Kickstart programme. 
The Kickstart Programme is a 10-week programme that builds on the skills programme to help you validate your (scalable) business idea and find your first customer. The programme focuses on the actual start of your own business and to help you find your product-market fit. You will be pushed to take the next step by validating your target audience and their needs and desires.

Do you want to work in cooperation with larger organisations? Choose the Intrapreneurship programme (15 ECTS).
The Intrapeneurship Programme is a 10-week programme that focuses on becoming an intrapreneur (= entrepreneurial employee). This programme is meant for ambitious and entrepreneurial students who have decided not to become an entrepreneur yet or who do not have a business idea.

Do you want to take part?
Please apply before the 1st of June. 

Need more information?
Visit the Dockwize website.