Interprofessional Collaboration In Healthcare

Next week, students from full-time and part-time Social Work, full-time Nursing and part-time Pedagogy will start working on the Interprofessional Cooperation In Healthcare (IPSIG) module. It is an interdisciplinary project in which students from Antwerp University of Applied Sciences and the University of Antwerp participate from courses such as medicine, occupational therapy, remedial education, nursing and social assistant. Collaboration is central.

The students work around topics such as professional acquaintance, case histories and ethical dilemmas. On Fridays, all students come together in an (online) forum. There, a panel discussion takes place. In it, students present insights around one of the following themes: Policy, Ethics, Patient and Team. This is followed by a dialogue in which a panel of external professionals participate.

This year's IPSIG week is partly online and partly physical. Around 50 Flemish students are coming to HZ, other students are working from Antwerp.

Would you like to join us next week? Send a message to