The eight student companies of International Business (IB) are currently entering their sales cycle. This semester-long program fosters innovation and entrepreneurship in a cooperative and practical way. The second-year IB students began work on their product and service ideas during the first semester. In an online “Dragon’s Den” competition in December 2020, a panel of entrepreneurship and innovation experts from the community and abroad selected the ideas which would advance into the 2021 Student Company International program.

A strong focus on highly relevant issues has dominated the program thus far. All eight companies are focused on sustainability, social connectedness, or both. Due to corona measures, the companies have thus far operated primarily online.

Below, an overview of the International Student Companies and their offers.

ComeTogether’s mission is to bring people together in an analog way, thereby reducing feelings of isolation. They offer a suite of personalized games and puzzels, including custom-designed Woozy.

Food Fiesta
Food Fiesta’s mission is to help students live a healthier lifestyle. They offer an online guide to healthy food choices, student-friendly recipes, and information about local food markets as well as a custom-designed, written and produced softcover cookbook.

NothingInMyGlass wants you to have a safe and enjoyable night out and raise awareness about the prominence and consequences of drink spiking. They sell discreet cardboard test strips that allow users to easily see if their drink has been spiked.

REVIVAL envisions a world in which sustainable fashion is the norm. The team upcycles second-hand clothing and offers custom pieces for both men and women.

Simpler’s aim is to help prospective and current international students finance their studies in the Netherlands. They provide information and consultations related to living and studying in the Netherlands.

SurpriseXpress want to solve your gift giving dilemmas. They offer a diverse, internationally-inspired gift box full of traditional snacks and sweets.

The Care Package
The Care Package wants to help employers connect with their employees by making them feel appreciated. They offer a collection of items guaranteed to make life easier for the work at home employee.

The Natural Insomnia Helper
The Natural Insomnia Helper is on a mission to help people get a better night’s sleep. They provide insomnia information and support and offer a range of snacks and teas that promote sounder sleep.