Intention to move Academy for Technology & Innovation to Middelburg

HZ has spent the past year looking at ways to realise an optimal arrangement of our study programmes and student population between the current location at the Edisonweg and the new locations at Het Groene Woud in Middelburg (renovation) and the Boulevard Bankert in Vlissingen (new development). We would like to inform you of our intention to move the Academy for Technology & Innovation to the building at Het Groene Woud in Middelburg.

Our intention is to strengthen higher technical education and research in Zeeland. Accommodating the various technical study programmes in Middelburg offers a variety of opportunities. In particular, we think here of collaboration, internationalisation and the sharing of facilities within HZ, but certainly also with other parties. We can set up ‘shared facilities’ much more efficiently and effectively in collaboration with, for example, University College Roosevelt. Also other education institutes could possibly make use of this. 

The new location offers all possibilities for creating learning environments, which perfectly suit the requirements of modern technical education. This includes, for example, laboratories, design areas and innovation studios. The ultimate aim will be the realising a technical (Bѐta) college in Zeeland, an ambition which effectively links into future-proof higher education in the Netherlands. In order for us to be able to realise these plans and continue to develop higher technical education and research, it is important for the provincial and national governments to financially support this. The main location of HZ will stay in Vlissingen. 

We will keep you informed of the developments and plans during the forthcoming period.