HZ location Het Groene Woud is taking shape

Both the inside and outside of the new HZ building at Het Groene Woud in Middelburg are taking more shape. In the course of 2018, the technical HZ study programmes will move to the property that is presently being rebuilt. The building is designed in such a way that the educational processes of HZ will be used to the best of their abilities. Learning environments are being created that match the needs of modern technical education, such as design spaces and innovation studios.

Joint accommodation
The problems the professional practice faces demand an interdisciplinary approach, so we need to prepare our students for this. Bringing technical programmes under one roof will enable students from different programmes to collaborate in multidisciplinary projects, which are submitted by partners from the region. Thus, they will be optimally prepared for their careers.

Location Middelburg
The building Het Groene Woud is located in an A-location in the centre of Middelburg. In the past, the building stood with its back to the town, but due to modifications to the façade, the building again faces the town, making it an asset to Middelburg and its inhabitants. The technical programmes will move there as soon as the property is ready. This means that a study programme will move there when the necessary facilities for that programme are in order.

Location Vlissingen

In the future, HZ students will follow their lectures in the city district Vlissingen-Middelburg. They will be active in different places, at the spot where the theme of the study programme finds its expression in the actual practice. This means, for example, a combination of de Kenniswerf and entrepreneurship and the various living labs that we find in the delta area around us. After the technical programmes have moved, there will be more space in the property at the Edisonweg in Vlissingen, which makes it possible to further enhance the HZ education concept there as well. The first renovations have already been completed. For example, a new simulator centre for the Maritime Officers has been realised and new workplaces have been created in several places. In the coming years, more will be invested in the Edisonweg location, so as to also continue to keep this educational environment in line with the requirements of time.