Graduation ceremony

The graduation ceremonies will start on Tuesday 12 July at the HZ in Vlissingen and on 20 July at the HZ in Middelburg.

After it has been established that you have graduated, you will receive a personal invitation to your graduation ceremony. In your invitation, please check the time and time block at which you are expected to attend.

Photos are taken during the graduations. These are available in our online photo album.

Three/four guests per student
As a student you can bring a maximum of four people to the HZ, for example your parents, partner or another guest who can celebrate this festive moment with you.

You may not be able to invite all your friends and family to attend your graduation ceremony. Through the livestream they can watch the moment you receive your diploma. You can watch via the livestream for Vlissingen or Middelburg.

Tip: are you inviting someone to watch? Tell them the time slot of your graduation ceremony!

The ceremonies take place at the following times:

DateTimeStudy programmeDomain
Wednesday 22 March16:00Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering & Management, Information and Communication Technology, Water Management, ChemistryTWE (Middelburg)
18:00Logistics Engineering, EngineeringTWE (Vlissingen)
Thursday 23 March16:00International Business, Tourism ManagementBVH