Dow Benelux B.V. and HZ emphasize their cooperation

On Friday July 5, Dow and HZ signed a so-called ‘memorandum of understanding’. On behalf of Dow, Neldes Hovestad (Vice President, Dow Benelux B.V.) placed his signature, and on behalf of HZ John Dane (Chairman of the Executive Board, HZ University of Applied Sciences) signed the memorandum. By signing this agreement, both parties stress that they want to strengthen the existing cooperation and together build on a sustainable continuation of this cooperation.

There is a lot of common ground between the technical and economic issues that Dow faces, and the current educational case studies within the technical and economic domains of HZ. HZ is constantly on the lookout for interesting research assignments, which are preferably cross-educational (multidisciplinary) in nature.

In a number of work sessions, employees of both organisations have already brainstormed about the concrete interpretation in the field of knowledge exchange. This includes joint educational and research activities, but also guest lectures and company visits for students and staff.

Dow is one of the largest employers in the region. By emphasizing this structural cooperation, HZ can play an important role in providing good students and ultimately qualified graduates. In addition, this offers Dow as an organisation the opportunity to promote itself as an employer to possible future employees.

If you want to know more about this collaboration, you can contact HZ Smart Services Boulevard via