Update: Fire at APV Campus de Ruyter

Tuesday 4 June
1 pm - The students who are brought to the hospital in the city of Goes yesterday evening are back home in good health. Further information about the availability of the student accomodation will be provided by APV Housing. You can find the latest updates about this on their Facebook page.

Monday 3 June

23:03 - Do you have any urgent questions about your accommodation at APV Campus De Ruyter. Please contact APV, call: +31 6 24 75 14 23 (Davor)

22:30 - For students who live in Campus De Ruyter: Do you have any questions, issues or concerns? Tomorrow morning from 8.30 you are welcome to walk by International Office at L.006. 

22:08 - Round 8 pm a fire started at the fifth floor of student campus De Ruyter in Vlissingen. During the fire some of the students inhaled smoke. These students have been brought to the hospital in the city of Goes for a health check

Probably some of the students can’t stay in their own room tonight. For these students a suitable place to stay will be provided. The students are calm.