Water Technology

Delta areas hardly have any of their own resources of fresh water, which is why fresh water is often supplied from other areas. Many companies, for example in agriculture or the chemical industry, often need a great deal of fresh water for their processes. How can water be used or reused as efficiently as possible, making sure scarce fresh water can be used as drinking water?

Techniques for water purification
The water supply, water purification and the recovery of raw materials are all important themes for the quality of life in delta areas. They require special techniques for the reuse and purification of water. The Water Technology research group is involved with these types of issues and is focussed on desalination techniques, the reuse of water flows and the application of systems which monitor and regulate the quality and quantity of water.
The reuse of water isn’t just needed for the industry. The purification of water is also important for, for example, aquaculture. This mainly focusses on the recirculation of (salt) water in cultivation systems for fish and shellfish.

The research group is involved with a variety of different projects, together with other parties like DOW, Evides, Water Boards and the Province of Zeeland. 

Niels Groot is a professor for Water Technology, as well as a water specialist at DOW. 

For more information regarding practical research into water technology, please contact Hans Cappon, coordinator of the Water Technology research group.



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Water Technology


Water Technology

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