Resilient Deltas

Delta areas are attractive places to live and work, but also very vulnerable to disasters. How can you design a delta area as safely as possible? And how can you make use of society, the government and the business community’s strengths in order to create a vital and resilient delta?

Resilient society 
The Resilient Deltas research group researches the relationship between delta areas’ spatial use, social capital, economy and vital infrastructure. The governance of water safety and area development processes are also put under the spotlight, resulting in the creation of an integral image. The research group will look for a dynamic balance based on this insight, which will allow society in delta areas to develop in a resilient, vital and safe manner.

Self reliant society
For example, the resilient deltas research project has researched how resilient a community is after a disaster, like a flood for example. The research group has also conducted research into the professional and the self-reliant society. This research provided an insight into available scientific knowledge in relation to self-reliance, motivation of citizens for self-reliance and suggestions for professionals to fill in the changing professional role in the self-reliant society. Another project, entitled Waterpoort, involved research being conducted into how water users can use a freshwater system in a particular area.

The Resilient Deltas research group conducts practical research together with parties like the Zeeland Safety Region, the Province of Zeeland, Rijkswaterstaat Sea & Delta and Zeeland Police.

Teun Terpstra is professor of this research groups. He leads the research projects  in which students, teacher researchers and a number of partners from the business practice work together.

Do you have any questions or comments? Please contact Jean-Marie Buijs, the Resilient Deltas research group coordinator.


Jean-Marie Buijs Resilient Deltas researcher
Lukas Papenborg Resilient Deltas researcher
Flavia Cosoveanu Researcher Resilient Deltas
Jasper van den Heuvel Onderzoeker Resilient Deltas


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Resilient Deltas

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