Delta Power

Sustainable generating and storing of energy; which possibilities are on offer in delta areas? 

Flowing water, wind and sun; sources of energy that delta areas have a surplus of. By cleverly using these sources, sustainable electricity can be generated in several ways. The large wind mills and solar panels are known examples. Water, that flows, falls or, for example, moves in waves, can also be used for generating electricity. Which technique is the best one? And what yields the most at reasonable costs? How can we store energy and restore it to the net? What is the best option for the surroundings? What is ecologically sound? The reseach group Delta Power carries out applied research to find answers to these questions.

Contribution to the strengthening of a competitive position for water and energy in the Netherlands

Expectations are that increasingly more people will settle in delta areas worldwide. To keep and maintain the living standards in these areas, sustainable use of the earth is a must. According to associate professor Jacob van Berkel ‘the time for change is now’ and sustainable generating of energy is ultimately the only real option. Based on the research results, cheaper and more efficient systems can be developed, which are in keeping with a delta area.  


Jacob van Berkel Delta Power professor


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Delta Power


Delta Power

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