Healthy Region

Tourism, vitality, exercise, wellbeing, health and Zeeland. What will happen if you start looking for the overlap in all of these subjects?

Cross-overs health and tourism
Research is being conducted into cross-overs between the health of citizens and tourists and typical environmental factors present in Zeeland within the Healthy Region Lectorate. Researchers, students, entrepreneurs, administrators and users all work together on research projects. This results in knowledge which will allow for services and products – related to a healthy life – to be more effectively aligned with the changing needs of both residents and tourists in Zeeland.

This allows the Healthy Region Lectorate to contribute to a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth of Zeeland’s tourism and economy. Plus it also offers social value, as residents will also be able to make use of the innovative services and products related to a healthy life.

Healthy living, lifestyle, hospitality
These three themes are the common thread in the Healthy Region Lectorate’s research projects.

Healthy Living
How can citizens develop and maintain an energetic lifestyle in the healthy region? And which activities and provisions, focused on wellbeing, health and vitality, contribute to this? And how can care and wellbeing systems result in innovation and sustainability? This theme is applicable to living and staying in the healthy region. And this particularly concerns the healthy Zeeland region.

Healthy Lifestyle
Exercise and sport can be seen as a great foundation for a healthy lifestyle. How can a healthy lifestyle be stimulated in the healthy region? For both residents as well as tourists? How does the presence of sports and exercise facilities affect the healthy region? And which technologies can be used in this process? Within this theme, exercise and sport are related to vitality, wellbeing, healthy living and ageing.

Healthy Hospitality
How can tourism and healthcare be linked to each other? Making sure new possibilities are created for firmly placing Zeeland on the map as a healthy region? Smart combinations between care and tourism, making sure both citizens as well as tourists can make use of better services and products? Two very diverse sectors are linked to each other in this theme.

Would you like more information about research into a healthy region? Please contact professor Olaf Timmermans.


Olaf Timmermans Healthy Region professor
Iris van de Velde Healthy Region researcher
Sybren Slimmen Healthy Region researcher
Nathalie van de Zande Docent-onderzoeker
Kalina Mikolajczak-Degrauwe Healthy Region Project Manager
Nicolette de Klerk-Jolink Docent-onderzoeker Healthy Region