Expertise and Valorisation Management

The Expertise and Valorisation Management (EVM) knowledge centre has developed an approach for conducting practical research. This approach approximates complex social issues in a multidisciplinary manner. This method is used to analyse the knowledge acquired through research and is subsequently stored at a common location. Concept maps structure and visualise the knowledge. A concept map is a graphic representation of knowledge and how this is organised in a certain situation (context).

Approach complexity systematically
Social problems are often complex. Solutions often need to be found with interested parties from different layers of the population. This inevitably creates a mixture of expectations and interests. A holistic approach is essential in order to arrive at sustainable solutions for these complex problems. This will ensure involved parties can acquire an insight into each other’s world views. This will make finding a widely supported solution much easier.

Visualising knowledge 
Creating a concept map will allow you to map out which knowledge and experience is available and who or what this can influence. The concept folder will subsequently be stored and linked to existing, related knowledge in the ‘Body of Knowledge and Skills’ (BoKS)’. This ensures the BoKS is enriched with the most recent insights. This, in turn, will be used as a starting point for new projects, making sure knowledge development is always a living process and knowledge – linked to its relevant context – is always available. The BoKS is set up in accordance with a semantic wiki and is constantly evolving.

Learning from social problems
HZ students learn to solve complex social problems in ‘living labs’. These are learning environments, often on site, which are made up of practical cases. A living lab is set up to ensure students and teacher researchers learn to deal with existing issues by finding widely supported solutions together with government authorities, companies and other interested parties.

Aim of the knowledge centre
The EVM knowledge centre facilitates the HZ’s courses and research groups in order to set up living labs and safeguard their knowledge in a BoKS, making use of the methods developed by the knowledge centre. Hans de Bruin is the professor of this applied research centre.