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The Coastal Tourism Knowledge Centre works on the basis of issues experienced by government authorities and entrepreneurs. These questions can vary from figures about ‘the tourist’ or ‘the guest’, to stimulating the regional economy or solving social problems in the cross-over with leisure economy. 

Practical cases
We use the expertise available within the various different HZ University of Applied Sciences academies in order to solve these issues, which vary from economy, care and wellbeing to ICT and regional development. Linking this expertise to our own research allows us to function as a broker between the university and the work field, making sure we don’t just develop knowledge, but ensuring we can also actually apply this in the business community. This allows us to provide practical cases for the different HZ academies, whilst also creating an optimal cross-pollination when educating our students.

Sustainable innovation
The Coastal Tourism Knowledge Centre’s objective is: we want to use knowledge development and knowledge transfer to give meaning to the knowledge issues posed by the entrepreneurs, government authorities and social organisations, with the aim of facilitating sustainable innovation of the leisure economy in coastal regions. The knowledge centre thereby considers the integration of research, education and business practices to be a precondition.

Main themes
The knowledge centre’s research programme is focussed on the leisure economy in the context of coastal regions and thereby focusses on three main themes:

Consumer behaviour
Research and projects within this theme are applicable to consumers’ holiday and leisure behaviour, particularly in coastal regions. On the one hand research is conducted into the actual measuring of behaviour, both through quantitative research as well as analysis of big data. On the other hand research is conducted into the underlying motives and impact of the behaviour. The research into behaviour, motives and possibilities for impact have the aim of creating ‘predictive power’, which entrepreneurs and government authorities can use to anticipate the expected consumer behaviour. The following projects are examples within this theme:

  • Walkers’ customer journey
  • Tourists’ activity pattern in Zeeland in relation to their place of residence and weather conditions (big data in relation to ZeelandPas data)
  • Motives of visitors to Goes’ city centre

Economic value and revenue models
On the one hand the research and projects within this theme are applicable to the economic value of the leisure domain for society. On the other hand, research and projects are being carried out in relation to the application possibilities of new revenue models in the leisure economy. The following projects are examples within this theme:

  • Current economic value of the leisure sector for Zeeland
  • Expected economic effects of the Brouwerseiland investment project
  • Beach transitions 2.0 (developing experiences for the consumer on the one hand and revenue models for entrepreneurs and government authorities on the other)
  • Development of revenue models with the use of ‘Service Design’

Identity linked innovation of coastal destinations
The research and projects within this theme are applicable to the way in which the various actions can arrive at new products and services, which suit the local DNA and contribute to the Zeeland DNA (Land in Sea), based on the destination’s identity. The following projects are examples within this theme:

  • Work studio accommodation recreation and integrated coastal quality
  • Unique experience: the Zeeland DNA through the eyes of the consumer
  • Proximity: boosting innovation with entrepreneurs based on the Zeeland DNA 

More information
You can find more information about our projects and publications on the Coastal Tourism Knowledge Centre website. 


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William Hazel Data analist
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