Centre of Expertise Delta Technology

HZ University of Applied Sciences, Hogeschool Rotterdam and Hogeschool Van Hall Larenstein are all working together to facilitate national and international research projects in Deltas. The coordinator, HZ University of Applied Sciences, is located in the Southwest Delta and the Centre of Expertise is therefore situated right in the middle of the area where it all happens.

The Centre of Expertise Delta Technology’s most important objective is to contribute to the human capital agenda; the high quality training of broad delta professionals. This is achieved through the organisation of a variety of activities, which ensure the education and practical research in the Netherlands in relation to delta technology remain amongst the world’s top. Government authorities, the business community and the international community can all benefit from continuing and growing knowledge and craftsmanship. We will look into what parties are required per research project, in order to achieve the required results and look after the Centre of Expertise Delta Technology’s interests: educating professionals, valorising knowledge, innovation and strengthening the international position.

Delta Platform
The Delta Platform has evolved from the Centre of Expertise Delta Technology. Educating the delta professionals today regarding what tomorrow’s demands will be. That’s what the Delta Platform stands for. The platform connects owners of complex delta issues with experts from colleges, universities, knowledge institutes, companies and government authorities. New insights and knowledge are acquired through an integrated approach, which can instantly flow back into delta education. The Delta Platform is therefore a catalyst for international delta innovations and a living lab for researchers, teachers and students. For more information please visit the Delta Platform website.


Professionals and self-reliant citizens

Centre of Expertise Delta Technology


Centre of Expertise Delta Technology


Centre of Expertise Delta Technology

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